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My Birthday is next month! (June 16th) -Time for a birthday themed transformation poll!- You became a gift... 

303 deviants said ... panty slave, forced to live in the cramped hot space inside my panties, front or back- just trying to survive, and pleasure.
167 deviants said ... a foot worshipping slave, forced to lick my feet clean, do my nails, and clean all my shoes!
108 deviants said ... mouth slave- forced to clean my mouth, and apply lipstick- until I decide it's time to replace you... and send you down to my tummy!
75 deviants said ... a bug at my feet- begging me to crush it in whatever way I please.
44 deviants said ... a full sized maid/slave, as big as me, clean my house, do my dishes, cook for me, and prepare for some traditional bdsm play with the kitty.
35 deviants said .... transformed into a piece of cake for your birthday. I'll make sure to lick you a few times before I bite. :3
18 deviants said M-... Mistress!, if I'm to be one thing of yours- I'd like to be..... (comment below)
Probably taking a small break from commissions- Considering I've had a commission on deck pretty consistently for the past few months- It's time to just clean my slate and do a few things I want before I jump back into it. Thanks to everyone who has commissioned me and still persues it up unto this point. Looking forward to doing business with yall in the futures. =ouo= ~ Much loves.


**Accepting points through deviantArt's commission widget ONLY- This means that if you donate me the point amount for a commission rather than going through that widget you will NOT be recieving your product. You can only recieve a commission through points if you send the request through the commission widget- which will be featured on my front page. Get em while they are hot. 2000 a piece, covering the base price and full color. You will STILL have to wait behind other commissioners, even if they used cash and you didn't. Please approach this in a civil manner.


Commissions are officially open under limited guidelines.

*Payment must be up front.
*Commission request must be approved by me.

Comics open again.

Base Price : = 15$ - (Includes one clean black and white picture- 1 giantess, 1 tiny.)
Extra Giantess : = +5$ - (Limit 2 extra, for a total of 3 giantess maximum)
Extra Tinies : = +2$ per tiny- (No limit, price includes detailed OC tiny, ask me for prices of non-descript tinies)
Full Color : = +5$ -
Detailed Background: = + Price Varies depending on complexity of background.
Add a panel: 5$ per panel- (Up to 4 extra panels-) -

Special rules this time around : No beards.

- To make a request for a commission send me the following details about your commission.

What do you draw?
  *Butt Crush
  *Breast Crush
  *Demons > :meow:
  *OC Portraits
  Giant Males
  Furry Giants/Males
    (NOTE... I'm very picky of what males I draw!- If the guy doesn't look girly- I'm probably not going to go for it.-)
What don't you draw?
  *Same-Size Vore
  *Big Bellies
  *Characters with beards/facial hair! (I hate facial hair with a passion, please stop making me draw it.)

Send me a note with your details, I will send you a price, or tell you why I won't do it- with the possibility of a potential compromise. So.. Yeah-

Thanks for reading- :meow: :heart:
  • Listening to: SLF
  • Reading: Game of Thrones
  • Watching: Nichijou
  • Playing: Dark Souls 3
  • Eating: Too Much
  • Drinking: Various Cherry Soda/Pop


Colored Single Page Commission
Single page commission which buys you 15$ base- and 5$ color.
Read details on what the base and color will cover, as well as what sort of content I will generally do over here. Commissions Opened Again!



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Vamanu2 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2016
New icon?

Is pretty.
MsPaintGTS Featured By Owner 6 days ago
New icon from an old drawing- And thanks. :P
Vamanu2 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
You're welcome bubble butt.
Sir-Ethin Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Keep up the bootyful work. I may only pop in from time to time! But I lurk hard. You're doing great!
MsPaintGTS Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2016
Thanks! =ouo=
The-greatess-Paulin Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
I love your arts so I draw you something gore (but not shrunk because I do very bad shrunk people T_T) hope you enjoy I would like you to see it ;-)
MsPaintGTS Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016
I seeeeeeen it- And it's not really my biz- Like, I enjoy gore and stuff- but there's gotta be something else there for me to latch onto... Like a cutie girls or something ya know?... Just blank men being torture in full size to me is kinda just...... Not my thing. :P

Yeahhhhh. o,o
The-greatess-Paulin Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
Ok no prob i try to do some sizes in this moment I want to do my best but I'm not very good for now
AmyTheGiantessKitty Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
4 Slots for commissions?? HMMMMMM \:^]
Charlovant Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2016
Really interested in your art style! I sent you a note about getting a commission done! Hope to hear from you soon!
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