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You awake in my hands- my blue eyes gazing at you with deviant intent, which of these decisions would you enjoy the most? 

334 deviants said I drop you into my shoe and pretend you don't exist anymore, good luck!
252 deviants said I impulsively drop you down the back of my panties and go about my day as if you weren't there, maybe give myself the occassional wedgie just to make things interesting.
236 deviants said My desires are triggered as I drop you down the front of my panties and enjoy myself.
135 deviants said I toss you onto the seat of my chair and plop my ass down on top of you, enjoying a marthon of anime that isn't likely to end soon.
135 deviants said I can't help but think you are pretty tasty and make you my next meal, enjoy melting in my stomach bug!
109 deviants said I can't think of what to do with you yet and just place you in my bra until I come up with something more devious.
28 deviants said I tighten my fist around you and release, your body is turned into paste which I quickly rub between my hands as if you were soap- your remains are completely absorbed into me as if you were never there.
RESERVED SLOTS (Paid commissions- Completed in order from 1-10)


1. :iconanirusfere:

2. :iconrookietherook:

3. Anonymous 2

4. :iconthemageking:

5. :iconmpyro2:

6.-Temporary Reserve-





Doubling my slots.... Probably won't need the extra space. But- Why not right? :3


**Accepting points through deviantArt's commission widget ONLY- This means that if you donate me the point amount for a commission rather than going through that widget you will NOT be recieving your product. You can only recieve a commission through points if you send the request through the commission widget- which will be featured on my front page. Get em while they are hot. 2000 a piece, covering the base price and full color. You will STILL have to wait behind other commissioners, even if they used cash and you didn't. Please approach this in a civil manner.


Before commissioning please read the following guidelines!!!-

*Payment must be up front.

*Commission request must be approved by me.

*Commissioners will not be given sketches or linework ahead of the release of the image.
But will have the right to request changes to the piece after it is made.
EX. I completed your commission as described- But you wanted the tiny to be smaller-

I reserve the right not to make changes if they are unreasonable-
such as the entire piece not being good enough for your payment,
or the camera being in pov when you never specified a specific camera angle.

Comics open again.

Base Price : = 15$ - (Includes one clean black and white picture- 1 giantess, 1 tiny.)
Extra Giantess : = +5$ - (Limit 2 extra, for a total of 3 giantess maximum)
Extra Tinies : = +2$ per tiny- (No limit, price includes detailed OC tiny, ask me for prices of non-descript tinies)
Full Color : = +5$ -
Detailed Background: = + Price Varies depending on complexity of background.
Add a panel: 5$ per panel- (Up to 4 extra panels-) -

Special rules this time around : No beards.

- To make a request for a commission send me the following details about your commission.

What do you draw?
  *Butt Crush
  *Breast Crush
  *Demons > :meow:
  *OC Portraits
  Giant Males
  Furry Giants/Males
    (NOTE... I'm very picky of what males I draw!- If the guy doesn't look girly- I'm probably not going to go for it.-)
What don't you draw?
  *Same-Size Vore
  *Big Bellies
  *Characters with beards/facial hair! (I hate facial hair with a passion, please stop making me draw it.)

Send me a note with your details, I will send you a price, or tell you why I won't do it- with the possibility of a potential compromise. So.. Yeah-

Thanks for reading- :meow: :heart:
  • Listening to: Video Game OST's
  • Reading: Game of Thrones
  • Watching: Nichijou
  • Playing: Stardew Valley
  • Eating: Not Enough
  • Drinking: Sparkling Pink Lemonade


Character Sheet
Commission a sheet for your character, featuring a small information section you've written- and two poses on your character. - Small variations on the overall request can be negotiated for. Note me details before you send me the commission request!
Colored Single Page Commission
Single page commission which buys you 15$ base- and 5$ color.
Read details on what the base and color will cover, as well as what sort of content I will generally do over here. Commissions Opened Again!



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